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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you groom large breed dogs?

We groom BIG dogs!!!!!! Our salon is set up for the large breeds and we love them! We de-shed fully, file nails, brush teeth, give beautiful trims and many other things that are wonderful for your dog!


Q: The weather has gotten cooler. Why do we have fleas????

A: Fleas tend to become more active when fall and cooler weather hit. It's their "last hurrah", so to speak. While you may be tempted to wait it out for the actual cold weather, thinking it will kill the little buggers, be aware that they can go into a dormant stage for a year and come back to life or hatch when the conditions are right. Our salon carries the Seresto Collar, that is very effective and recommended by many vets. We also carry Capstar, which is an amazing, safe product that will kill every flea on the dog's body, usually within 4 hours. Along with this, your house needs to be treated. Fleas spend only 10% of their time on the pet. Once they have eaten (yuck), they will leave the pet and lay eggs in your furniture, bedding, carpet, even between floor boards. Our team of groomers can suggest ways to combat this, naturally. We give NON-Chemical flea baths and have soothing, oil infused shampoos to help with the flea dermatitis. We will help you pick a way to treat your house without toxic substances. Call us right away if you have a flea problem. We can help!!!! 631-886-1304



Q: Why should I de-shed my dog? Will it really make a difference?

A: Yes, if done properly, it will make a difference to you, and more importantly, to your dog. Undercoat that is not shed out can cause many problems. It can over heat your dog, even in the winter. It can cause dry skin and dander and hot spots. It can cause fungal skin infections when the dog gets wet and is not fully dried. Air circulation is important for healthy skin. Think how it would feel to have a hot sweater glued to your skin 24/7. That's how your dog feels when he is packed with undercoat. Removing the excess undercoat will allow his skin to breathe. It will cut down on vet bills for skin problems. At TLC, we do a thorough job of de-shedding. This amazing program can cut down on the shedding up to 90% for 4 to 5 weeks. When maintained, it will reduce the shedding to almost nothing after 4 or 5 treatments. Not just long haired dogs need de-shedding. Some short coated dogs need it more than the longer coated ones!


Can you do a good brushing on a cat?

Absolutely! We can deshed a kitty! 





Q: My dog is suddenly itching. I don't see any fleas. What can I do?
A: This is the time of year for the itchies. Being in our heated homes causes dry, flaky skin. Just as we condition our own hair and bodies, we should condition our dogs. We have the perfect deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for each particular skin problem. We use all natural soothing oatmeal, oils and conditioners. Give us a call to set up an appointment to treat your fur baby to a spa day!

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